2017 Ombéline Artists

April Holmans

Adeline Thomas

Angie Richard

Betty Ann Lebreton

Brigitte Dionne

Denise Sherrill

Denise Daigle Bourgeois

Donna Mancini

Joanne Esser

Helen and Alan Spinney

Gilles Daigle

Marilyn Boyd

Michelle Savoie

Milaine Lapointe Clavet

Monique Bourque

Natasha Martin 

Nicole Tremblay

Zev Bagel

Susan Jardine

Sandra Bourgeois

Valerie Renouf

Sylvie Mazerolle

Patricia GildArt 


Conditions and Regulations


The prerequisite to exhibit in the Allée des Artistes Shediac Artist Alley is that the artist needs to be the designer, creator and producer of artwork sold. Any exception to this rule needs to be negotiated. The organizers (Stepping Stone Productions) and no other body, reserve the right at any time to disallow an exhibitor and/or the display of any such items that doesn’t fall within the theme of the exhibit.

Set up time:

5pm to 6pm

Exhibition Times: 6 pm till 10pm, Friday

(no dismantling before advised by management).

Booth allocation:

In order to secure your space, artists will be required to prepay for the season in advance. The pre-paid exhibition fee is $ 15 per site/night. In the application form, you will nominate the nights you will be attending and prepay for these nights.

A commitment of 7 weeks is not mandatory by the artist. Limited space is available (16 Artists); booths will be given out on a first come first serve basis.


A cheque for:

  • $105 for all 7 weeks of the Ombéline Alleyway
  • $15 per week for occasional attendance in the Ombéline Alleyway

Please make cheques payable to:

Stepping Stone Productions

Posted to: 20 Chemin de L’Aigle, Shediac Bridge, NB, E4R 1G6

Booth Space:

8ft wide by 2 ½ ft deep. Should your display exceed the space allocated an additional pro-rated charge will apply.


An imaginative and attractive display is fundamental to creating a good selling climate and festive atmosphere. All tables must be covered and all space in and around the stall must be kept tidy. A 6 ft table will be supplied if required. The artist is required to bring his/her own chair, lights and extension cords and clear tarpaulin to cover artwork in case of rain.


2 electrical outlets per artist are supplied.

Clean Up:

The organizers want to make this event as sustainable as possible; “Leave No Trace” is our motto. We encourage you to leave your space as it was when you arrived.


Artists will be required to agree and adhere to these Conditions and Regulations in the online application form.